Monday, December 3, 2012

In style with Fashionista Dec 2012

Oh my!Fashionistas its been forever since I posted my last blog or at least for me it feels like it!let's get on with the latest fashion trends for December 2012 and I'm so excited for December, Fashionista will finally be one year old can you believe it?!!my baby is becoming a big girl now!
First of all makeup,let me tell you girls winged eyeliner is not dead and won't be dead this year, the longer the tail the better the eyeliner will look, and a piece of advice to you only line your eye with a liquid eyeliner otherwise the wing will be so thick and off balance.
Gold eyeshadow, yes!gold eyeshadow ladies in all skin tones gold eyeshadow will be the perfect match believe me. Gold eyeshadow is a must have color and I bet most of you have it, it fits with anything you are wearing and easy to transform from day to night.
Secondly Hair! For December there are two styles to stick to and look like a fashionista, it's easy to make and I have shared so many videos of it. The first one is loose waves and the second one is low pony tail, both are easy to do and doesn't takes much time in the morning.
Wait a minute I'm still not done with hair! We have seen spikes and studs almost on everything. Now its time to see it in hair accessories, wear it now and your instantly in style!
And lastly Fashion! Don't you just love it?!the way it changes every season and the updates are just stunning, fashion makes me feel so good I wish I can explain it, but i ll try to explain it my way, DENIM. Denim is really IN and it's a must have in every way possible, style it the way you want because at the end if you are wearing denim you are in Fashion!

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