Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall/Winter Fashion Must Have:Black Leather Pants

Have you noticed the amazing number of celebrities in black leather pants?!!I myself fell in love with it, and if you're also a fan you can find it at Zara, Mango, Vero Moda.. For a very reasonable prices!
Black leather pants became the obsession of every girl around the world, it's an essential item nowadays, so hurry up and get one yourself to stay in trend.I cant think of black leather pants without mentioning Victoria Beckham who have first got them in style.

and also the amazingly beautiful fashion icon Miranda Kerr is wearing black leather pants

And many other great celebrities are looking so fashionable and chic wearing black leather pants

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Visit to My Favourite Upcoming Designer: CHIC ET FOU

Before the end of summer a lot of friends suggested me to visit the store Chic et Fou at Verdun, describing it with words like “unique” and “super artistic”. When I wrote on the blog and fan page that I I’m in Beirut, the store itself asked me to visit it: I was breathless.Upcoming modern Designers and the pieces are most of the time unique pieces, some are “CHIC” and other “fou”. They have the best jewellery collection ever: maxi-necklaces and bracelets are incredible.. What did I chose as my personal obsession almost everything! Which is your favourite item?

For more about Chic et Fou visit:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Six Outfits with Only White Tank Top!

Hey Fashionistas Dolls!I'm just doing a quick fall fashion post, it's very simple very quick,just some ideas about creating so many styles with one basic white tank top, I'm sure most of the girls have one, so this will be easy to apply. Since it's almost Fall, but it's kinda still hot, wearing a simple white tank top for different events, to school, watching a game with friends..can somehow helps you transfer into the fall fashion.Here are some ideas:
Dark wash jeans with the white tank top:

Adding a lace mini jacket to the white tank top:

Wearing a SUMMER scarf :

Bright cardigan:

Mixing leather pants with the white tank top:

White Tank Top Bold Necklace: