Friday, June 29, 2012

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag post was requested a while ago and now since I started my summer course I'm paying more attention to what I'm putting in my bag so here are some stuff I constantly put in my bag
first ofcourse my wallet I have a pink Tory Burch wallet
I love how the pink and gold make this perfect match together plus it's kinda IN having a designer's wallet with a shiny color, and what's a better color than pink?!
In case I felt like refreshing my makeup I always check my louis vuitton makeup bag, it's wild but still it doesnt take too much space in the bag, and it's well closed so the makeup wouldnt ruin the other things in my bag.
What's in my makeup bag? ofcourse my favourite lipstick Rimmel London 070 Airy Fairy that smells like sinamon, and a strawberry chapstick, Rimmel London concealer, a Revlon Blush, H&M Mirror, and Blush Brush from the Body Shop(I really recommend it!!).

and I never leave the house without my Samsung pink double display camera!It's new and I'm so in love with it, amazing pictures and videos I also recommend it
I also have my cat eyes sunglasses from Pieces
What else mmm I always  keep my notebook and a blue pen in my bag, I sometimes write blogs in it, notes, and other stuff.
the thing that I keep with me just in case the air conditioner was too cold for me I carry with me a very light black cardigan
and also my keys held in a key chain that hold a mini lip gloss from clinique and a small mirror so cute!I cant believe I found it on google
This is it, I hope you liked this post and comment below on what you have in your bag as well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Date Outfit

Last night I went out with friends and wore a cute outfit that I believe fits perfectly for a date outfit, last time I went shopping I went to Vero Moda, there was a huge sale but as usual I like things that aren't on sale more, weird ha?
Anyway I wore this beautiful Fuchsia dress by Vero Moda called Passion Josse, no word can describe how it fits the body perfectly, it's shoulders are a work of art, the details, and the chest made me speechless!!I couldn't find the exact color but imagine it fuchsia instead of black Take a look

I thought the dress should get attention because it's Georges, so I didn't want anything to distract the look so I decided to wear my Aldo beautiful nude heels
and what matches fuchsia dress more than a fuchsia clutch?I added my favorite clutch from pieces to the dress and what a match!the clutch is called Fina Suede

Pink Nails of course by Essie it has this beneath silver sparkle, so you don't need any top coat, but I applied it twice so it doesn't fade quickly
and I also wore these beautiful earrings from pieces
I added a  Black and pink watch from Claire's, it's kind of old watch but it was a gift from my best friend so I couldn't find a picture :(
Anyway Fashionistas I think this look would be perfect for a date, I hope you like it, Thanks for reading everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's not to LOVE about Fashionista?!!

Almost 6 months ago, Fashionista was born. What's Fashionista?It's the ultimate high and low Fashion Guide for so many girls all over the world.
Fashionista doesn't claim originality!FASHIONISTA IS ORIGINAL!You must have heard this a lot almost with every single Fashion page right?
Well Fashionista is right about it's originality, of course we get fashion pictures from so many sites and all, BUT lets stay honest, Fashionista is the first Fashion page with MODELS, Fashionista is the ONLY page with FASHIONABLE CONTESTS, where we give all the girls a chance to be part of the fashion world, where you meet amazing beautiful Real fashionable girls!Fashionista is the ONLY page that posts FASHION AND BEAUTY VIDEOS, and also TIPS that helps all the girls understand healthy beauty.
YES Fashionista is your older sister and I'm here to help you with Fashion and beauty.
Also Fashionista is one of the fastest pages to grow, and without any promoting, your likes and participation exposed Fashionista to the whole world, in only 3 months Fashionista got an interview with the amazing Tala Riz on Dubai magazine called Interactiveme, and some other great offers.
And I proudly say that Fashionista has so so many loyal Fans and I cant make a list of their names because it's endless!
I won't say Fashion is my passion and other things you hear all the time I will say this straight: Fashion is my Future!and I insist on making it my future career.
One last question, What's special about Fashionista?Fashionista is specialized with its amazing fans or as I call them FASHIONISTAS.Thank you all for reading this post and being part of Fashionista.
here's some links on where can you find fashionista:





Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Outfit

Where should I start Fashionistas!This week has been CRAZY!!I was out and about all the time, everyday shopping, but this time I wasn't shopping for me. My mom was changing the house decoration so I went with her choosing paint colors curtains...
I never knew house fashion can be this hard!Anyway the results are amazing and so far I'm very happy with what we have done, and mom's smile worth 1000 louis vuitton bag!
Starting with my outfit I went to mini shopping for the house with mom then went shopping with my best friend.
I cant start telling you how much I enjoyed my time today these two ladies are the most amazing people I know, mom is someone so wonderful she's like superwoman to me I love her so much, and my best friend I knew her since elementary school and we're still close as ever!
Now to what I was wearing since both shopping were a little shopping only
I put on my dark blue skinny jeans that I bought long ago from Bershka, one thing about bershka pants is that the color washes away through time and it stretches a little but still it's so comfortable!here's a picture you judge

What else, mm the weather is still not like smoking hot so I wore a casual white tank top nothing special about it but I also added a lacy jacket to it that really made the whole outfit look way better and more stylish

Now to the shoesssss, I know you're all waiting for the SHOES, since I wanted to do something to make the outfit shine I wore a red pointed wedges from Zara, amazingly comfortable no trouble at all walking, you can even run with this one
Bags, that's my ultimate obsession I wore this beautiful red burberry bag that you can hold however you want on the shoulders or with your hand, I love this bag check it out

I had a lot of fun today, I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for the next time you go shopping. Good Night FASHIONISTAS..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend at the Beach

Run Fashionista run!!!That's what I was thinking Saturday night!
Last Saturday I had my last final exam -which I did great with it- went back home had lunch with family and ran to Fashionista that I have missed so much during the exams!
When I'm on Fashionista I forget the whole world, its just me and Fashionista.later that day when I was still browsing Fashionista I suddenly remembered on 7:30 pm that I'm going to the beach the day after and I still haven't got any bottoms for my bikini!
I literally RAN to the mall, I first went to VeroModa to find out that the bottoms I had my eyes on were sold!So as usual H&M rescued me with the cutest black bottoms.It was such a relief when I found that the only one left was my size!crazy no?

And now to what I wore at the beach?!
Orange have been the dominate of all the summer colors this year! And I couldn't resist buying this top!This top bikini is so special, first its from H&M I usually hate this type of tops because it hides your curves and makes you look so flat! But with this one it was so different, it has these optional stripes that magically shows your curves in a very nice way nothing too showing but it holds up your breast and make you look very nice here is a look on the top

But I really didnt like the bottoms I don't know why but i think its too exposing for me and I never been into high waisted bottoms, so I chose to brake the color and change the look a little with BLACK bottoms that went so well with the top, it didn't look cheap or anything it was actually different from what you usually see everywhere and I felt special wearing it.It was a great combination I believe here a picture of it
And passing by VeroModa I found these adorable sunglasses that I instantly fell in love with!Its a cat eyes shades that is a little bit big but still somehow different I couldn't find the exact picture of it but this is the closest, these shades are inspired by  Chiara Ferragni that never takes it off but she looks so elegant wearing it take a look
Now to the nails I wore these perfectly matching orange nail polish from O.P.I  I loved it why?Because at the beach sometimes your nail polish brakes a little and goes off but this one stood the whole day at the beach and actually stayed nicely until I decided to change it, here is the color
My oldest sister have always wore on her toes french nail polish which is somehow natural for the nails and my sister have like the most perfectly shaped toes so she was kind of a push for me to learn how to apply french toes on my own and make them look nice which actually worked! For those who don't know what french nail polish looks like take a look

This is what I wore last Sunday on the beach with all the trouble to find the bottoms it was worth it. The day went perfect and after we were done we went to macdo (macdonald's) and had a double cheese chicken burger with big fries and coke I guess I was just too hungry lol But eventually this is how I spent my day and what I wore I hope you all enjoy this post.

Personal Blog

Okay so this post is about me not about Fashionista for the first time I feel like I've been taking care of fashionista for quite a while that I forgot to take care of myself, I don't blame or hate Fashionista!
Fashionista got me the most amazing experiences that I never thought of having and I'm so grateful for everything Fashionista have offered me.
I'm so happy that Fashionista is going amazing, my grades are doing great and my friends and family never been closer, but I still feel that something is missing..Behind Fashionista there's a real girl, I'm not all Fashionista although I'm obsessed with it but I need to prove myself in the fashion field, again I'm not a designer but my dream is to work in Fashion and become a successful person.
I didn't study Fashion because I also love business, but as time passes by I'm getting more in fashion than business.
I'm constantly worried that I don't blew up the best chances I'm getting offered in Fashion.I know that some people say I'm still young but I believe future starts now and there's no point of wasting time waiting! I feel like I should do something now but I don't know where I should start and this is so confusing to me.
I have no idea why I made this blog I just felt like sharing what I'm feeling and going throught.Sorry for the lame blog haha but I hope you feel any closer to the inner Fashionista.Good night Fashionistas I love you all.