Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Day to Remember: 30/7/13

Hello everyone how's your day goin so far?! Well I'm still feeling the joy of yesterday, I can't take the smile outta my face! haha

Well you're probably wondering about the reason of this sudden happiness..Cause yesterday was one of the best days of my life that I'll never ever forget.
As usual I take a picture of my outfit almost daily and post in on the instagram account of Fashionista: INSTAGRAM: Honestly I never think of the instagram posts, I don't take it too seriously. But as I was hanging out last night in Hamra, Beirut. I met the first fan to actually recognize me. She told me that she knew me from the outfit I'm wearing since I posted it on instagram earlier that day.She also said that she's from America, she's here just visiting Lebanon, and that she follows me on Fashionista. This seriously made me the happiest girl alive yesterday, my first fan to recognize me and actually complimenting my work, she must have a great personality-only few have the courage to come to you and give you a compliment-.
There is also so many great things that happened yesterday, like I did great at work, my bff from abroad called me n we just talked for about an hour, I went out for dinner with my bf. It was a pretty good day.
I wanna thank you all so much for being there for me, supporting me, and please if you ever see me come and say hi, this makes me super happy, and I would love to meet you.
Have a great day my gorgeous Fashionista Family.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Food Diet: Healthy and Cheats

I’ve been asked to do a workout/food post for quite a long time now. I’ve been postponing this probably because I don’t have any special diet or fitness-lifestyle… But taking care of myself is still important for me, and being healthy, so I thought why not to write a few words of my habits.

We got this drinks cause we went as a VIP 

  I eat almost everything but in a balance. Some basic thing that I eat every day are different salads, berries and fruits, and just normal homemade food. I'm obsessed with summer fruits. I feel better when I eat healthy, so these are the things I enjoy and prefer. My weaknesses are all kinds of iced drinks, but when the base is okay and healthy there’s also room for those in my diet. When I eat home I’m just used to eating healthy, but when I’m out with friends or at a restaurant I order whatever I feel like eating.
My Daily Breakfast 2 peaches

I'm obsessed with summer fruits and this is my favorite kind of grapes

Starbucks is my weakness

Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Best Things in life come in a bubble T smoothie I just love their passion fruit and peach smoothie

I don't eat all this alone but I would if I could lol 

When your dad wants to spoil you this happens lol

My chocolate shake

Great icecream must enjoy

As usual caramel mocha frappuccino but this time with chocolate

Deed Duke my Favorite diner ever Twouk with Hummus and Lebanese Salad

just a random burger and fries by Deek Duke


MUST TRY: Melted Chocolate with ice cream, it usually comes with a vanilla ice cream but I replace it with chocolate  by Roadster


Oreo chocolate shake by Bob's

Breakfast: Strawberry yogurt by Taanayel it's just amazing

Strawberry cocktail done by mom

Sea food gotta enjoy

chocolate cookies!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Top 10 Rami Al-Ali AW 2013/14

Syrian-born fashion designer, Rami Al Ali, seamlessly blends Eastern elegance with Western dazzle to offer strikingly unique couture creations.

Rami Al-Ali is one of the very well known fashion designers in the middle east with a great resume, and I couldn't pass by his recent  AW 2013/14 collection without sharing my favorite pieces! I loved all his designs but here are my top 10:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Work Outfits

Stradivarious denim jacket, stradivarious leggings, basic bershka tank top, converse, ice watch, necklace by pieces.
 Lately I feel in such a more casual more than usual, I finally have more time for the blog and to do something better for you guys!These are only some photos shot at work, they're not daily cause I always forget to take selfies lol not anymore I promise. I wanna thank you so much for all your likes and comments, your support means everything to me.

Pieces Black Leggings.

Bershka Jeans, pieces necklace, Claire's watch.

Bershka Jeans, Bershka basic black shirt, Pieces necklace, Pieces hair band, Bershka Belt, customized ring.

Pieces Black Leggings, Pieces Balet flats, Balenciaga bag.

Bershka Blazer, Pieces Leggings, Celine bag.

Celebrities in Mireille Dagher

Mireille Dagher Couture broke all the geographic limits of Lebanon reaching Miss U.S.A Pageant. 

 Her creations are absolutely stunning and sparkling on the catwalk attracting a large number of celebrities to dress by her. 

Mirielle Dagher astonished everyone with her designs at the Pageant by the gorgeous Jeannie Mai, and last Friday at the Creative Arts Emmy Award by Arianne Zucker.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How did I get a job at Tony Ward Fashion House?!

Hello everyone hope you're all doing great! As I promised in my previous blog post I was gonna specialize a whole post for Tony Ward and my experience with him. About 4 months ago I started my internship with Tony Ward and I became the new marketing assistant.
Most of the people who know that I'm the owner of Fashionista, think that I'm a fashion designer or that I want to be one, actually my dream since the beginning was fashion marketing. In Lebanon there's no major called fashion marketing in the university, therefore I decided to study business marketing at my university, and to become an intern in fashion marketing to gain some experience and knowledge.
Everyone thought that I should start at azadia or h&m and other retail stores... to be honest my dream was bigger than that, of course I respect these companies and their staff but my goal was to work for an international fashion designer.
I emailed few of my favorite designers and one day Tony Ward marketing manager gave me a call, I always get extremely excited when I get a phone call for business but this time I was nervous and I didn't wanna get too excited, I was considering rejection. Even the day of the meeting I didn't feel like going I thought they wouldn't have any interest, but actually they were so professional and took all the information and my background in fashion into consideration. I was supposed to start in July but that intern who was supposed to take my place canceled at the last moment and when I got the call I was extremely happy and excited!
I really love being on their staff and I got the chance to go as a member of Tony Ward's team to a Fashion show at ESMOD fashion school. Enjoy the pictures and see you later Fashionistas!

Tony Ward and I 

The TV presenter Sandra and I