Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fashionista For In Style Designs

Today is a very important and exciting day for me and for Fashionista. I got the chance to work with In Style Designs! In Style Designs for me is one of those brands that tells a story where each precious jewel means something extraordinary to the one who wears it. If we think of the Love bracelet which ties an unbreakable love bond between two people, I love the idea of wearing a jewel that has a deep emotional meaning to me. Here I posted some of my favorite collections of In Style Designs.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Move over Chanel: there is a new IT bag and its on the radar of all fashionistas. The Celine Trapeze Tri-color bag. It is on waiting lists around the world with customers fighting to get their hands on one! It is only sold in brick-and-mortar boutiques and almost none of the reputed online stores carry it.

The Trapeze is available in many colour combinations, leathers and animal skins and comes in two sizes- small and large. It is carried on your forearm via a rigid leather strap or on your shoulder by a softer shoulder strap. The sides can also be folded in so the bag takes more of a square shape.

So many selections after each season, with the sleek & modern simple design I reckon the Trapeze can be recreated into so many possibilities of colors, textures & prints!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#HMLovesMusic Summer Collection

This summer, H&M will launch a new H&M Loves Music collection from Divided, including pieces for both women and men. DJs, artists and producers from around the world will star the campaign which comes in two stages, along with exclusive headphones made in collaboration with Urban Ears, available at selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online.

H&M Loves Music has all the looks and accessories needed for festivals & endless summer parties: from black-and-white attitude for gigs, to colorful Bohemia and modern surfer styles.

The collection is sweet-but-tough for women, highlighting printed crop-tops, cut-off jeans, long transparent skirts, dungaree shorts, ice wash skinny jeans, chunky necklaces & bandannas - And full of skater attitude for men with sleeveless denim hoodies, tie-dye tanks, skinny jeans & biker hats.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fab Five: Unhealthy Fashion Habits

Good evening ladies! As I just posted on Fashionista's Facebook page that wearing my Pajama and a facial mask could only mean that I'm writing a blog, too fancy don't you think?! Not the usual Kardashian style but it works for me.I also added a nerdy glass for inspiration so I'd feel a little smarter lol!

So Let's cut the chat and start the real thing. Bad Fashion Habits! Yes they do exist and we're all victims to these bad habits in a way or another so lets get to know them!

#1 Over Packing a Heavy Bag: You have so much stuff that you think that you need to put in your bag, but most of these things you don't really use.So switch to little side bags and put your essentials in.For example: wallet, glasses, keys and your phone,

#2 Spending too Much Money Shopping: Spend money on great quality pieces when needed, so always check the labels and make sure what you're buying is worth it.

#3 Blindly Following Trends: I think we've all been guilty of this one, something big that all the bloggers and models are wearing so we just obsess over and want to try it on, then you look back and think to yourself oh girl that wasn't cute!Trends are there to give you some inspiration to stay relevant with what's in the fashion industry but at the same time do it your own way.

#4 High Heels: All girls are guilty with that but you have to realize that wearing heels all the time is not good for you! And it's so important to rest your feet since it's bad for your back and it's bad for your posture!

#5 Comparing Yourself to Girls in Magazines: We all have to remember that these models have to look a certain way, what's more important is being fit and healthy for yourself by working out and eating healthy.