Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl head bands and some of my hair accessories

Lately as some of my Facebook and Twitter followers noticed, I'm falling in love with headbands.
I have all the seasons of Gossip Girl but I rewatched it last weekend, and Blair has caught my eyes with these pieces of art on her hair!I already have headbands but after I watched Blair I bought some more.
I think in this hot weather they are really helpfull to keep your bangs out of your forehead, without getting sweaty or you can also wear it with your bangs showing, anyway they look amazing.
Take a look at Blair's headbands

I was lucky enough to find some headbands that look a little like Blair's and I really like them, check out my headbands

The peacock inspired headband
The Bronze headband
And the huge butterfly headband.
These are my beautiful Blair like headbands wanna see some more? Take a look of my favourite hair accessories
These are all from H&M and I love wearing them, they go great especially in summer, there's nothing more beautiful than a girl with hair accessories, that lightens up the whole outfit.I hope you enjoyed this post and dont forget that everyone can comment even if you dont have a blog account.

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