Friday, April 26, 2013

Exclusive Blog Pictures

I decided to have some pictures exclusive for the blog,.I just wanna show how much I appreciate my followers. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and I love you all so much! Enjoy ;)

Working Out Inspiration

I can't believe it's gonna be summer within few days! Almost everyone is planning on starting to work out or join the gym and stuff..but I don't think we should practice for summer only but also practice to stay healthy stay in shape.Don't worry about what your scale says, sometimes your muscles would weight more than fats, sometimes you drank too much water therefore the scale wouldn't tell you how much you really weight.Also eat healthy, eat proteins, vitamins, everything that's good for your health and your skin as well. Drink lots of water, when you drink a lot of water it shows! Also there's green tea, it's amazing for your body, and your diet. I appreciate that you're going for it Thumbs Up! But please do it well. Don't only focus on exercising without giving attention to your body and vice versa. You can stay motivated and never give up by just imagining the result, how amazing your body is going to look like, I think this is the best motivator.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Braids

Hello everyone and welcome back to fashionista's blog, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now lets get  to the main topic, I'm so excited to announce the new hair style of spring 2013 trend...Braided hair!
It's actually not that new but I just love braids and the chic and class it adds to your total look. Braids are so convenient for spring with temperature rising, and its nice to have your hair is tight and perfect looking which makes braids excellent.
Where to wear braids to?!
EVERYWHERE!! We have seen celebrities, models and even bloggers going everywhere with their hair braided-One of the biggest fans of braided hair is Kim Kardashian- So don't hesitate wear it everywhere, to school, date, red carpet even on the runway! Braids are so feminine and elegant, so braid your hair and rock your look!

Spring Braids

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cannes Film Festival, Zuhair Murad, and Tony Ward

Morning Fashionistas oh it's been such a long time that I posted a new blog, it feels like forever! So many changes took place during this month, and some of the most important events were: I was asked to go to Cannes Film Festival and manage a runway next month, I was called for a meeting at Zuhair Murad Building but I ended up working with Tony Ward Couture! Both are huge international fashion designers and I consider myself blessed to be part of the Tony Ward team. I just wanna say that I'm a normal girl I'm not rich I didn't study fashion, but I worked extremely hard to reach where I am right now, meeting international designers and actually do fashion marketing. The main point that I want you to understand is that hard work pays off, and believe that anything can happen to you. Your dreams can be achieved so chase them, accept the failure just like success, study online if you don't have the time or money to do that in real life. JUST DO IT, have the courage to try, take each opportunity you get and hold on to it. Life is short there's no time to regret, never say what if just go for it. I wish you all best of luck chasing your dreams, always remember that Fashionista is your supporting Family and think positively .