Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl head bands and some of my hair accessories

Lately as some of my Facebook and Twitter followers noticed, I'm falling in love with headbands.
I have all the seasons of Gossip Girl but I rewatched it last weekend, and Blair has caught my eyes with these pieces of art on her hair!I already have headbands but after I watched Blair I bought some more.
I think in this hot weather they are really helpfull to keep your bangs out of your forehead, without getting sweaty or you can also wear it with your bangs showing, anyway they look amazing.
Take a look at Blair's headbands

I was lucky enough to find some headbands that look a little like Blair's and I really like them, check out my headbands

The peacock inspired headband
The Bronze headband
And the huge butterfly headband.
These are my beautiful Blair like headbands wanna see some more? Take a look of my favourite hair accessories
These are all from H&M and I love wearing them, they go great especially in summer, there's nothing more beautiful than a girl with hair accessories, that lightens up the whole outfit.I hope you enjoyed this post and dont forget that everyone can comment even if you dont have a blog account.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For The Love of NEON!

Who didn't wear Neon till now?!NOBODY!!! I went to the mall yesterday and it was like a rainbow show. Everywhere I turn around there was a flash of neon colors, so beautiful full of joy neon colors!Neon makes us feel good, it's a happy color that works like magic, it makes you want to buy one.
YET!not everywhere is a fan of being so exposed and believe me these colors expose you, but as usual Fashionista found a way to make all her fashionista family happy.
Take a look on how famous neons became, all celebrities are wearing it
whether on the red carpet
or on daily basis
It's so beautiful you cant take your eyes off!
Some likes to take Neon to the extreme
adding so many colors to one outfit for one occasion, but doesn't she looks good?!mixing blue with green is something, but mixing pink with green is perfection!Although she's wearing a lot of colors but they are very well mixed and matched, from the brown sandals she's wearing, up to her skinny green jeans, to her lovely blue shirt, to the most feminine cute jacket, and finally to this green simple but chic clutch!
No matter how many colors you are matching as long as they go well together you are doing a good job.
But some take it easy on Neon it's kinda harsh for some of us.

This beautiful girl didn't take neon to the extreme, she's looking amazing
the pop of color shows so clear,such eyes catching!the blazer has all the rights to be the center of attention because fuchsia never looked this good!added to a very simple white tank top, super cute pointed shorts and fuchsia heels. What I love about this outfit is how this beautiful chanel bag broke the edge of the outfit with its nude color, and left the outfit being so cute and perfect for so many events.
Fashion styles and tastes differ from one person to another and that doesn't mean you are not Fashionable, sometimes your style is too advanced that some of the people around you may not be able to understand it and few months later it's "IN".
Always believe in your fashion style and keep in mind that you can develop your style and get more into fashion by checking Fashionista regularly.
For more neon pictures check out this album: