Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get Ready for Fall/Winter Fashion with Fashionista: Clothes

Is your closet ready for Fall/Winter fashion yet?!Well lets get ready together!Here are some trends for you Fashionistas
Masculine Look
Military Style:
Super sized:

Prints and Colors
Animal Prints:
So this was my Fall MUST HAVES for Fall/Winter Fashion, I hope you like it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Beautiful Beirut part 2

So here I'm done with summer courses and free to do anything I want, and what's better than discovering, and experiencing new places in Beirut?!!Yesterday we went to see the national museum of Lebanon. I’m a big fan of museums, especially ones of historical art that I find so interesting, strange and amazingly beautiful.
But first I want to tell you all that the tickets to enter this museum are VERY cheap, and some told me that I cant take pictures?!No actually you can but without using a flash.
I saw so many ancient jewelry that believe it or not some are IN these days, and I was really astonished with the dominance of the idea of death, it was so important back then.I hope you enjoy our national museum like I did.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Touch of Pink!

Most of the time I wear brown makeup like the Revlon palette I showed you earlier, while I was collecting pictures of makeup I got inspired by this beautiful picture
I bought maybelline palette Silk Glam, which I don't recommend at all!It's full of glitter and it fades REALLY quickly!But I tried to create that makeup with this palette
 I didn't apply the tutorial on the back of the palette, I started with the second color on the eyelid,then the last color on the grease and under my eyes, of course I applied the first white color on the brow line
I added then my Revlon eyeliner
and finished my eyes makeup by the white pencil in my eyes by rimmel london
and Voluminous Loreal paris mascara
On the lips my 140 maybelline lipstick
So This was my pink makeup for yesterday, it was really pretty when I finished, I hope you liked this post and if you ever tried something like it please share a picture on Fashionista.

My Beautiful Beirut part 1

Since I'm done with my final exams of my summer course and Thank god I ACED IT!!I'm so happy all my effort actually paid me back.Since I'm done with books and studying I have time to enjoy summer.I spent almost 2 months studying for the summer course I didn't have much time to enjoy it with my friends but now I'm finally free.I had to enjoy the weather, it's amazing and not so hot like the days before.Not so many of you knows where I live, I live in Beirut Lebanon, one of the amazing cities in the world!You have no idea how beautiful this city is, my favourite places are: Hamra, downtown and all the malls.
Now since I have the time to hang out with my friends, I went to try a recommended place called C LOUNGE!Take a look and tell me what do you think..

the view if you were close and looked down

And now to the C Lounge
You have no idea how relaxing it is, the music the view,the fresh air!


WHAT DID WE HAVE AT THE C LOUNGE?!I think one of the best chocolate fondue I ever had take a look

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sleevless Blouse Trend

Did you Dolls notice that every store you go to have sleeveless blouses?!!The amazing amount of celebrities wearing sleeveless blouses is just so many, so beautiful!
Sleeveless Blouses now became Summer Must Have !So sexy Flow and beautiful!
Take a look on several occasions you can wear this sexy blouse to
On a Date
In an Interview

On the Red Carper

and so many