Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashionista - Dreams Do Come True

Hello everyone I'm Aya the owner of Fashionista, I'm 20 year old, I was born in Beirut Lebanon, and currently I'm a Business and Commerce student.
In 23 December 2012 I created Fashionista as a hobby to satisfy my fashion addiction, to help all the girls who need help in fashion and beauty. It was just an idea between me and my friends, but I never knew fashionista is going to grow this big and that it would have this huge effect on so many people.
When I started Fashionista I wanted to make sure that I will cover everything that other fashion pages miss, I wanted it to be a fashion guide for every girl and boy. Then I started to make fashion contests, I hired normal girls to become models at Fashionista, in order to show that everyone can be fashionable not just bloggers and celebrities. Take a look at my models that I'm so proud to call them family.
3 months later an online magazine in Dubai asked me for an interview with their beautiful Tala Riz here's the link
After that a great TV Channel asked me to make a segment on TV about Fashion, and also a Lebanese fashion magazine asked me to be their editor of the magazine.
Afterward I started working with great fashion designers such as Designs by Kay, Chic et Fou, and also Fil D'or.
I was also a VIP guest at the In Shape Fair at Biel by C-Looks
Despite all this, Fashionista's Facebook page and blog achieved huge success and hits!
Fashionista helped me to grow up a lot and it was all worth the time effort and love I gave to my Fashionista Family, I never ever imagined seeing my name in a magazine or meeting designers or getting a VIP ticket at such a young age, and let me tell you one thing EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!
And through Fashionista and the amazing Fashionista Family that I have, I became my own boss on 19 years old only! Yes I do have my own business and I couldn't be more proud!
Thanks for everyone who believed in fashionista and the loyal fans who are always there for the page, and my models who are doing a great job: Karina Auli, Teele Terras, Sabine Jizi, and vladimira.karastoyanova, my great friends and Family for all the support and love, can't do it without you all, tons of kisses to you all for being the best!


  1. Well... this is definitly an inspiring post! I will keep it in mind while working on my (still small) fashion community:


  2. So proud, i'm lebanese too but i was born in France and i follow you everyday, you make a good job ! Good luck et bonne continuation :) XOXO

  3. Thank you so much I appreciate it!