Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Fair in the University

The theme was 'Back to the Seventies' I loved the theme and how commited the girls were.

They also made a little show..

THEN I continued to what seemed like "Fashion Designer's" section but surprisingly it was architecture's section who made all these designs from fabric and I dont know what it's called but it some kind of papers lol in only 3 DAYS!!anyway I loved them hope you like them too
This what I have for now but hopefully soon I'll get more on Tuesday.Let me know what do you think either on the page or comment below.

Fair at the University

I went to the university to see them making this fair with different sections about beauty fashion and health.
It was really fun but as usual I went directly to the Fashion section.Stay tuned to see more of the fair.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fahionista’s Secret Closet on Social Media by Tala Riz on Interactive me Magazine

She’s an ambitious girl whose world revolves around fashion. Nothing stopped her; she was persistent to create a circle of light to which she attracted girls to her Facebook page just like a moth to a flame.
She is Aya Diab, a 19 year old, studying business at Beirut Arab University. ‘I’m all into fashion as my page shows; you can say I’m a fashion addict. Shopping is my biggest hobby! My family and friends appreciate my sense in fashion and consider me a fashion guru. They all have been very supportive,’ Diab said.
As I like to call her fashionista, she seems to know what she got herself into. She talked about her facebook page as if it was her own child. She is very serious about it and she considers it to be her window to the whole world.
Fashionista started four months ago, and as she likes to put it, ‘it really satisfies her passion.’ Currently she’s using only Facebook as a tool on social media. But soon enough Fashionista is going to be all over Twitter and has its own blog.
But as I looked deeper, Fashionista is a page, with adequate work. My curiosity to know who’s behind scenes of this satisfactory work pushed me further to wonder how did this girl start. How did she manage with a very short of time to gather so much audience? People who actually talk to her and wait for her latest news.
‘Fashionista was a discussion between me and my friends; it started as an idea for inspiring and helping girls with useful tips and walkovers. I always post tips, articles, and videos, and of course pictures about beauty and fashion. I have to be thankful, because this is what Facebook is offering me. This huge social network enabled me to create a page that girls look up for,’ Aya explained.
Fashionista is Aya’s first step in her fashion career; which is both a great public exposure and at the same time something useful for girls out there. Diab was very modest in saying that being famous personally isn’t one of her interests behind Fashionista. And this is apparent as in Aya doesn’t post any pictures of herself personally or even pictures or albums of her elegant fans.
Fashionista has over 1000 likes on her Facebook page, as well as more than 189 people talking about her page. ‘This page has given me amazing opportunities. Due to social media I have created a family for my Fashionista; I met so many great people and helped out a lot of girls. I’m really grateful for everything Fashionista has given me. I receive so many questions and compliments on what I post. It’s amazing to give tips and advice that solve problems to girls with a minimum pat,’ Aya said.
In her opinion, one social media drawback is that it’s not an easy job as some might take it. Fashionista needs a lot of time and effort, yet it feels great when Aya knows that she’s being able to help girls with fashion and beauty issues.
‘I believe that adding your personality to your page brings people more to like it. To know that there’s a human being with a heart looking after the page and not just a robot,’ Diab said

On Facebook and especially on Fahionista’s page there’s not one thing she counts on. Not only images, or posts, or tips; it’s more like a group work kind of thing where everything matters. But tips and images Aya consider are the most grabbing effective depending on the fact that visuals are very important, especially when it comes to fashion.

Kim Kardashian's Look

1Get a natural look. Kim often has a natural look. Use bronze foundation, try going a bit more tan. Use Lip Glosses in colors such as light Pink and Sugar Brown. Do an outline around the lips, to make them look slightly bigger. With the eyes, use a dark Eye Liner, and mascara. Go for the smokey look by using Sliver or Gray eye shadow.Use your false eyelashes and pluck your eyebrows.

2Kim has made herself famous by dying her hair a honey mouse brown and then turning herself into a dark brown haired women. Kim loves waves and curls so think waves and curls. Use a smooth and slick shampoo and look after your hair as normal, condition daily. Turn your looks super glossy. Kim’s hair is long if your hair is not use extensions.

3Go on a mini shopping spree. Kim loves expensive clothing! You could wait until the January sells if you wish. Buy mini jewellery such as fake diamond rings and sliver or gold chains. The kardashians also have their very own cloth line now. Kim loves handbags and purses and practically any things girlylicious. A fake designer bag is good one.
4Keep your nails neat and tidy. Kim uses nail extensions and she also loves to paint them! Kim likes getting them done professionally. If you can not stop biting your nails, use a bitter tasting nail polish, this works wonders.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Contest is: Happy Fashionista's mother's day♥
you can post a picture of you and your mom or just your mom alone with a nice caption telling her how much you love her
the deadline is on Monday so you have till then to post the picture on fashionista's wall
The winner will be the fae of Fashionista for a whole week!
votes start when I upload the album then you can ask your friends for votes by liking Fashionista then liking your picture♥