Monday, December 16, 2013

Fab Five: Tips to Walk in Heels with No Pain

Hey Fashionistas and welcome back! Today we're going to talk about HEELS!! and how to make them feel comfortable and painless. I'm gonna share with you everything that I know. I've been walking in heels for a while now and I feel for my friends every time  they're in pain or their feet hurts that they have to take their shoes off when we go out...So today I'm just gonna share with you couple of the tips that I learned throughout the years, hopefully it's gonna be helpful for you!

Thick heels: Honestly I have a lot of these they are my to go shoes when I have to go to places with a lot of standing,they provide a lot of support, the thicker the heel the bigger the support.

Kitten Heels: I have to admit that kitten heels aren't the most attractive heels especially when there's this tiny little heel that looks kinda weird but you can definitely do kitten heels the right way, they are very comfortable. Sometimes heels can be psychological thing even if it's a little heel you feel more dressed up and more glamorous!

Lace Up Heels: These heels lock the shoe in with amazing comfort and stability, other than that the model is very comfortable.

Fold Over Flats: Always have in your bag a Fold over flats. I know so many girls who walked bare foot out of an event or a club or a party or something like that..That's why I make sure this never happens to me and I always keep in my bag a fold over flats, so no matter what happens I try to avoid this situation and keep the class.

Platform Shoes: They are so much more comfortable than regular heels, they are your best friends, they keep you supported, and it's easier to walk in.I honestly wear heels maybe 80% of the time and the reason for that is that I wear platform heels.