Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion in the Eyes of Fashionistas

So I always hear that fashion is so shallow , and fashion is this and that.....I totally respect these people but I don't understand how do they see it shallow or lame, fashion is the best shape of art, where you can freely express yourself,Your mood and your passion .fashion is peaceful and fair, theres not any kind of discrimination when it comes to fashion, it doesn't matter how tall or short, slim or big, it doesn't care about your religion , race , age or your sexuality. Fashion doesn't care about your past it's all about the present. When it comes to fashion no one can set limits for your ambition. I know this sound silly but I find so much relief in fashion, reading fashion books , articles or watching an interview it's makes me feel so good. Through fashion I now know that everything is possible and that you shouldn't judge anyone on their appearances, because through few pieces of clothes you can understand that they are individuals.I don't know how to explain it, but listen, Fashion is magic, is fun, fashion is love. There's not a thing boring about fashion it always changes. Everyday there's something new in fashion and it's just magical.
I hope you can see fashion the way fashionistas see it and give it a chance, that I changed your mind about it and got you more into it.

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