Thursday, December 6, 2012

Royal Garden Hotel

Hey Fashionistas!how are my great family doing?!Let me tell you something dolls these couple of days have been my lucky days I have been getting calls from great people asking me to visit and collaborate with them, what a great opportunity!I know the hotel I'm about to talk about is very well known by all Lebanese fashionistas and even by other fashionistas who visit Lebanon, its called "Royal Garden Hotel". It's in Hamra- a very well known street in Beirut- a great location.
I have always passed by this hotel since I was a little girl, and I absolutely love it, it's so classy and luxurious.
But now Fashionista is collaborating with the hotel of my dreams "Royal Garden Hotel".It is indeed a dream comes true for me, check out why this hotel is so special for me.First here's the link of their facebook page:

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