Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's fall everyone is either in school uni or work, all three requires smooth makeup nothing too heavy or festive, heres a tutorial of a naked face with the least amount of makeup
1. Foundation: of course there's no perfect naked face without foundation: before applying foundation make sure your face is cleaned and moisturized, foundation will hide any pimples, break outs or imperfection.Follow foundation with concealer for under eyes circles.
2. Blush: you do need blush in winter because of the cold weather will make your face look dull so apply blush in your jaw lines and apple cheeks.
3. Brown eyeshadow : for a natural but a little bit colorful eyes wear a brown eyeshadow that will help your eyes get a lovely shape.
4. Mascara and Eyeliner: you have a beautiful eyes but with a bit of eyeliner and mascara you will get thicker and longer eyelashes very cute very simple.
5. Lipstick: a natural pink or peachy lipstick without any gloss will finishes the look.
Voila! a perfect naked face hope you liked the tutorial and if you ever apply it share your experience with a picture on the fan page

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