Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kate Middelton

Hey there dolls how are you doin?! I'm sorry for the lack of fashionable posts but I've been terribly sick this weekend, I didnt even go to any of my classes! Anyway as some of you know the big news and spotlights are all on the mother to be Kate Middelton! She's an elegance and class icon, very loved by the British and almost everyone, there are rumors that she might be having twins how adorable! But we are not on E entertainment now, we are on Fashionista and that is what we will be talking about. Kate never tried to copy princess Diana in her looks but she -no doubt- had her own print in the fashion world! So royal classy and at the same time modern, what a beauty, she is an idol to get inspired with let's see together some of her best looks

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