Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's in My School Bag

I find these posts very interesting so I thought to do one! Isn't interesting to see what others have in their bags?! I try not to have too much in my bag but damn my bag is heavy!! So let's get started shall we?!

  1. Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag mg.
  2. Copy Book to note down all the information I need.
  3. My Planner yes that pinky puffy thing is my planner it was a gift from my brother in law, if I don't keep a planner with all my To Do Lists I seriously get depressed and I feel like I accomplished nothing!
  4. Ipad so I can stay in touch with you guys at all times.
  5. Earphone... can you live without em?! I know I cant.
  6. My avaitor Rayban shades to protect my eyes from the UV sun rays.
  7. That silver sparkly thing is my phone.
  8. Louis Vuitton Wallet I just love it so much I guess I had it for about 3 years, the best part of it, is that it opens so easily so I can show my ID to the security while getting in the collage.
  9. My Nivea Hand Cream, it's a berries hand moisturizer.
  10. Multi color emergency kit by Louis Vuitton I keep my keys, pain killer and other necessities in.
  11. White Louis Vuitton makeup bag just in case I want to touch up my makeup during the day.


  1. So cute! <3

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