Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer 2013: Graduation, Marriage, and Death

oh! I don't wanna be writing this blog! I'm so sad summer is over for me! Collage has already started with all the assignments and tests! UGH!!

But now let's start with the hits of Summer 2013
  • Internship:   
 Since April-which is spring I know- I started my internship at Tony Ward Couture a big Lebanese designer who's also international! I started as an intern in the marketing department, I worked there for 6 months I loved it! Of course eventually I had to quit because collage started and my schedule is insane this semester...The best part is that I became the Social Media Specialist YAY!!
  • Graduation:
My Blondie graduated!! Yes my 1 year older sister has graduated with a B.A in English language and literature, and psychology .
  • Marriage:
My eldest sister got married! she was definitely the most gorgeous bride in the whole world her wedding was perfect everyone had an amazing time, and no one wanted this wedding to end!
  • TV Interview:
Yet again a great national TV channel asked me for an interview, and who doesn't like exposure?!

I had an awful time accepting this but the worst part of this summer was that an old friend of mine died in a car accident I still cant believe it! I don't wanna talk about it much more but all I can say is that I really wish he ends up in heaven.

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  1. cool photos. the one on the beach and you in the pink dress is lovely!