Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Officially a Weirdo! 5 Weird Facts about ME

Hello Fashionistas, long time no see ha?! Oh well.. fall has started I quit my internship at Tony Ward Couture, because of my strict collage schedule! Therefore now I have more time to BLOG!! YAY

Here it is the new Blogging Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
So let's get straight to the point: I'M WEIRD!

You may look at me and think hey that's another perfect Internet girl well.. let's unleash the weirdness!
I just wanna say that people now look at me differently after they knew about fashionista, my ideas, my personality are a lot more respected than before

I was born in the shadow of my blonde gorgeous sister but I never really cared lol
I was never jealous I mean how can you be jealous from your sister and best friend?!
I love her to death and only wish her the best!!!

I'm almost 162 tall take or give few cm, and I'm 52 kg yet sometimes I feel FAT!!

I once freaked out and screamed for about 30 seconds with tears cause a cockroach touched me!
I don't care they really disgust me!! I mean yuk!!!

I don't like Lana del Ray I feel like she's something a girl would listen to during pms - sorry Lana lol
But to be honest I'm obsessed with Young and Beautiful

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