Sunday, September 29, 2013

ON AIR Future TV with Aya Diab

 WOW! What a day! I can't express the joy and pride that I'm still feeling today! As I mentioned earlier the Future TV asked me for casting, but when my sister came along they were obsessed with her beauty and her unique subject. They asked her immediately to be interviewed on air and they said they'll call me back. 2  weeks after my sister was interviewed on air they asked me for an interview, are you kidding me?! I finally got the chance to express my beliefs and opinion! I talked about Fashionista for about 10 whole minutes and I got some amazing reviews.
I feel like after the interview people got to know me better and they like me more now. I'm very thankful to have such a huge support system, my boyfriend who believed in me all the way long, my family who were with me in every step, and my friends who always show me how much they love me and support me.
The feeling to be on air knowing that so many people are going to hear about fashionista,are going to hear everything I need to say, it felt amazing! I'm so happy and grateful I never ever dreamed of being on TV I always watched people on TV and felt stunned with their beauty and strong personality. But I never thought I can be one of them. Through Fashionista I achieved my dreams, my hopes, my wishes I got interviewed on TV and Magazines, many job offers, VIP tickets and many others...
I'm really happy with the chances that I'm taking and I hope I never disappoint my Fashionista Family. Much Love.

Find the Video of the interview at the end of the post.

My Favorite TV comments:

  • Nour Mazyan U deserve to have your own program!! Besides of your knowledge and advices , you look good on tv  .. Proud of u cutest fashionista
  • Mariana Al Khawli A True Fashionista   Keep up the good work 
  • Halah A. Uthman Awesommme broo I really loved it ♡
  • Nisrin Zouheiry Man every word you said reminded of how much you been through to reach this level.. congrats
  • Nour Diab U were amazingggggggg♥♥♥♥
  • Selfish Gene all the best love

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