Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How did I get a job at Tony Ward Fashion House?!

Hello everyone hope you're all doing great! As I promised in my previous blog post I was gonna specialize a whole post for Tony Ward and my experience with him. About 4 months ago I started my internship with Tony Ward and I became the new marketing assistant.
Most of the people who know that I'm the owner of Fashionista, think that I'm a fashion designer or that I want to be one, actually my dream since the beginning was fashion marketing. In Lebanon there's no major called fashion marketing in the university, therefore I decided to study business marketing at my university, and to become an intern in fashion marketing to gain some experience and knowledge.
Everyone thought that I should start at azadia or h&m and other retail stores... to be honest my dream was bigger than that, of course I respect these companies and their staff but my goal was to work for an international fashion designer.
I emailed few of my favorite designers and one day Tony Ward marketing manager gave me a call, I always get extremely excited when I get a phone call for business but this time I was nervous and I didn't wanna get too excited, I was considering rejection. Even the day of the meeting I didn't feel like going I thought they wouldn't have any interest, but actually they were so professional and took all the information and my background in fashion into consideration. I was supposed to start in July but that intern who was supposed to take my place canceled at the last moment and when I got the call I was extremely happy and excited!
I really love being on their staff and I got the chance to go as a member of Tony Ward's team to a Fashion show at ESMOD fashion school. Enjoy the pictures and see you later Fashionistas!

Tony Ward and I 

The TV presenter Sandra and I

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