Friday, June 28, 2013

My Journey with Tony Ward and some other fashion designers!

Hola Fashionistas! Sup?! Oh well since I published my first blog and I just cant keep these memories out of my head! THE JOURNEY.
Since the day I started Fashionista and SERIOUSLY my life changed! Yea it sounds random and silly but it really did. One of the amazing things that I never ever dreamed of happening was meeting designers, especially Intentional designers like Tony Ward. So here it is a list of the designers I got the chance to sponsor and advertise, but it's different with Tony I became a marketing assistant for Tony Ward Couture.
Designs by Kay was the first designer to ever contact me for advertising and in return I got two amazing clutches of her design. Chic et Fou was one of the designers that I loved her designs so I proposed, but Fil D'or actually found me while I was proposing for Chic et Fou, Faith don't you think so?!
Tony Ward will definitely have his own blog post but meanwhile I prepared this list of some great fashion designers I collaborated with:

  • Tony Ward Couture
  • Fil D'or
  • Designs by Kay
  • Chic et Fou

Finally I just wanna say I'm incredibly proud to work with these creative designers and very lucky to be the owner of Fashionista.
The International Lebanese Designer Tony Ward

Cynthia and I.

Karen the designer of  Designs by Kay and I

The designer of Chic et Fou and I

Hiba Saad the designer of Fil D'or and I 

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