Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Daily Face

Makeup!It's essential to so many of us, it's not about caking up your face, or being plastic!It's about in hasting our beauty..
The process of wearing makeup is so relaxing, and the great thing is that you choose what and how you want to wear it.Believe it or not makeup boost your self confidence.So what does Fashionista wears on DAILY basis?!
I start with bolding my eyebrows with Rimmel London brow liner
Then I apply Rimmel London Concealer and since I dont apply foundation on daily basis I apply the concealer below my eyes and on the eyelid to cover the redness
Eyeshadows are important to me I use mostly Revlon eyeshadow neutral khakis
I use the first color on the brow line and at the beginning of the eye
the second on the eyelid
and the last on the grease
I love this palette it's so useful and I really recommend it
Now to the eyeliner by Revlon Color Stay
 and I also add eyeliner inside my eyes and below it by Rimmel London, of course I smudge it a little
Afterward mascara by Loreal Paris Voluminous
Blush and bronzer by Revlon
lip balm for glossy lips
Finally Maybelline Lipstick 140
That's my daily face Fashionistas hope you enjoyed the post, Have a good day!


  1. Great! I wear the same make-up, except I don't use black pencil and blush, but I do use red lipstick. Decent red :D