Monday, August 20, 2012

My Beautiful Beirut part 1

Since I'm done with my final exams of my summer course and Thank god I ACED IT!!I'm so happy all my effort actually paid me back.Since I'm done with books and studying I have time to enjoy summer.I spent almost 2 months studying for the summer course I didn't have much time to enjoy it with my friends but now I'm finally free.I had to enjoy the weather, it's amazing and not so hot like the days before.Not so many of you knows where I live, I live in Beirut Lebanon, one of the amazing cities in the world!You have no idea how beautiful this city is, my favourite places are: Hamra, downtown and all the malls.
Now since I have the time to hang out with my friends, I went to try a recommended place called C LOUNGE!Take a look and tell me what do you think..

the view if you were close and looked down

And now to the C Lounge
You have no idea how relaxing it is, the music the view,the fresh air!


WHAT DID WE HAVE AT THE C LOUNGE?!I think one of the best chocolate fondue I ever had take a look


  1. Woww! Amazing place, i want to visit Beirut one day too :))

    Kisses from