Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Beautiful Beirut part 2

So here I'm done with summer courses and free to do anything I want, and what's better than discovering, and experiencing new places in Beirut?!!Yesterday we went to see the national museum of Lebanon. I’m a big fan of museums, especially ones of historical art that I find so interesting, strange and amazingly beautiful.
But first I want to tell you all that the tickets to enter this museum are VERY cheap, and some told me that I cant take pictures?!No actually you can but without using a flash.
I saw so many ancient jewelry that believe it or not some are IN these days, and I was really astonished with the dominance of the idea of death, it was so important back then.I hope you enjoy our national museum like I did.


  1. I love museums and history and everything about that. This one is realy beutiful, I wish I could see it :)

  2. Veronica it was such an amazing experience and some sculptures had a story written next to it, I'm glad you liked it.