Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's not to LOVE about Fashionista?!!

Almost 6 months ago, Fashionista was born. What's Fashionista?It's the ultimate high and low Fashion Guide for so many girls all over the world.
Fashionista doesn't claim originality!FASHIONISTA IS ORIGINAL!You must have heard this a lot almost with every single Fashion page right?
Well Fashionista is right about it's originality, of course we get fashion pictures from so many sites and all, BUT lets stay honest, Fashionista is the first Fashion page with MODELS, Fashionista is the ONLY page with FASHIONABLE CONTESTS, where we give all the girls a chance to be part of the fashion world, where you meet amazing beautiful Real fashionable girls!Fashionista is the ONLY page that posts FASHION AND BEAUTY VIDEOS, and also TIPS that helps all the girls understand healthy beauty.
YES Fashionista is your older sister and I'm here to help you with Fashion and beauty.
Also Fashionista is one of the fastest pages to grow, and without any promoting, your likes and participation exposed Fashionista to the whole world, in only 3 months Fashionista got an interview with the amazing Tala Riz on Dubai magazine called Interactiveme, and some other great offers.
And I proudly say that Fashionista has so so many loyal Fans and I cant make a list of their names because it's endless!
I won't say Fashion is my passion and other things you hear all the time I will say this straight: Fashion is my Future!and I insist on making it my future career.
One last question, What's special about Fashionista?Fashionista is specialized with its amazing fans or as I call them FASHIONISTAS.Thank you all for reading this post and being part of Fashionista.
here's some links on where can you find fashionista:





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