Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend at the Beach

Run Fashionista run!!!That's what I was thinking Saturday night!
Last Saturday I had my last final exam -which I did great with it- went back home had lunch with family and ran to Fashionista that I have missed so much during the exams!
When I'm on Fashionista I forget the whole world, its just me and Fashionista.later that day when I was still browsing Fashionista I suddenly remembered on 7:30 pm that I'm going to the beach the day after and I still haven't got any bottoms for my bikini!
I literally RAN to the mall, I first went to VeroModa to find out that the bottoms I had my eyes on were sold!So as usual H&M rescued me with the cutest black bottoms.It was such a relief when I found that the only one left was my size!crazy no?

And now to what I wore at the beach?!
Orange have been the dominate of all the summer colors this year! And I couldn't resist buying this top!This top bikini is so special, first its from H&M I usually hate this type of tops because it hides your curves and makes you look so flat! But with this one it was so different, it has these optional stripes that magically shows your curves in a very nice way nothing too showing but it holds up your breast and make you look very nice here is a look on the top

But I really didnt like the bottoms I don't know why but i think its too exposing for me and I never been into high waisted bottoms, so I chose to brake the color and change the look a little with BLACK bottoms that went so well with the top, it didn't look cheap or anything it was actually different from what you usually see everywhere and I felt special wearing it.It was a great combination I believe here a picture of it
And passing by VeroModa I found these adorable sunglasses that I instantly fell in love with!Its a cat eyes shades that is a little bit big but still somehow different I couldn't find the exact picture of it but this is the closest, these shades are inspired by  Chiara Ferragni that never takes it off but she looks so elegant wearing it take a look
Now to the nails I wore these perfectly matching orange nail polish from O.P.I  I loved it why?Because at the beach sometimes your nail polish brakes a little and goes off but this one stood the whole day at the beach and actually stayed nicely until I decided to change it, here is the color
My oldest sister have always wore on her toes french nail polish which is somehow natural for the nails and my sister have like the most perfectly shaped toes so she was kind of a push for me to learn how to apply french toes on my own and make them look nice which actually worked! For those who don't know what french nail polish looks like take a look

This is what I wore last Sunday on the beach with all the trouble to find the bottoms it was worth it. The day went perfect and after we were done we went to macdo (macdonald's) and had a double cheese chicken burger with big fries and coke I guess I was just too hungry lol But eventually this is how I spent my day and what I wore I hope you all enjoy this post.

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