Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Okay so this post is about me not about Fashionista for the first time I feel like I've been taking care of fashionista for quite a while that I forgot to take care of myself, I don't blame or hate Fashionista!
Fashionista got me the most amazing experiences that I never thought of having and I'm so grateful for everything Fashionista have offered me.
I'm so happy that Fashionista is going amazing, my grades are doing great and my friends and family never been closer, but I still feel that something is missing..Behind Fashionista there's a real girl, I'm not all Fashionista although I'm obsessed with it but I need to prove myself in the fashion field, again I'm not a designer but my dream is to work in Fashion and become a successful person.
I didn't study Fashion because I also love business, but as time passes by I'm getting more in fashion than business.
I'm constantly worried that I don't blew up the best chances I'm getting offered in Fashion.I know that some people say I'm still young but I believe future starts now and there's no point of wasting time waiting! I feel like I should do something now but I don't know where I should start and this is so confusing to me.
I have no idea why I made this blog I just felt like sharing what I'm feeling and going throught.Sorry for the lame blog haha but I hope you feel any closer to the inner Fashionista.Good night Fashionistas I love you all.

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