Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Outfit

Where should I start Fashionistas!This week has been CRAZY!!I was out and about all the time, everyday shopping, but this time I wasn't shopping for me. My mom was changing the house decoration so I went with her choosing paint colors curtains...
I never knew house fashion can be this hard!Anyway the results are amazing and so far I'm very happy with what we have done, and mom's smile worth 1000 louis vuitton bag!
Starting with my outfit I went to mini shopping for the house with mom then went shopping with my best friend.
I cant start telling you how much I enjoyed my time today these two ladies are the most amazing people I know, mom is someone so wonderful she's like superwoman to me I love her so much, and my best friend I knew her since elementary school and we're still close as ever!
Now to what I was wearing since both shopping were a little shopping only
I put on my dark blue skinny jeans that I bought long ago from Bershka, one thing about bershka pants is that the color washes away through time and it stretches a little but still it's so comfortable!here's a picture you judge

What else, mm the weather is still not like smoking hot so I wore a casual white tank top nothing special about it but I also added a lacy jacket to it that really made the whole outfit look way better and more stylish

Now to the shoesssss, I know you're all waiting for the SHOES, since I wanted to do something to make the outfit shine I wore a red pointed wedges from Zara, amazingly comfortable no trouble at all walking, you can even run with this one
Bags, that's my ultimate obsession I wore this beautiful red burberry bag that you can hold however you want on the shoulders or with your hand, I love this bag check it out

I had a lot of fun today, I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for the next time you go shopping. Good Night FASHIONISTAS..

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