Friday, June 29, 2012

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag post was requested a while ago and now since I started my summer course I'm paying more attention to what I'm putting in my bag so here are some stuff I constantly put in my bag
first ofcourse my wallet I have a pink Tory Burch wallet
I love how the pink and gold make this perfect match together plus it's kinda IN having a designer's wallet with a shiny color, and what's a better color than pink?!
In case I felt like refreshing my makeup I always check my louis vuitton makeup bag, it's wild but still it doesnt take too much space in the bag, and it's well closed so the makeup wouldnt ruin the other things in my bag.
What's in my makeup bag? ofcourse my favourite lipstick Rimmel London 070 Airy Fairy that smells like sinamon, and a strawberry chapstick, Rimmel London concealer, a Revlon Blush, H&M Mirror, and Blush Brush from the Body Shop(I really recommend it!!).

and I never leave the house without my Samsung pink double display camera!It's new and I'm so in love with it, amazing pictures and videos I also recommend it
I also have my cat eyes sunglasses from Pieces
What else mmm I always  keep my notebook and a blue pen in my bag, I sometimes write blogs in it, notes, and other stuff.
the thing that I keep with me just in case the air conditioner was too cold for me I carry with me a very light black cardigan
and also my keys held in a key chain that hold a mini lip gloss from clinique and a small mirror so cute!I cant believe I found it on google
This is it, I hope you liked this post and comment below on what you have in your bag as well.


  1. great blog! you should make videos on youtube!!!!!