Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breaking News: H&M and Isabel Marant

This is just in! H&M is preparing to launch a new collection designed by Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant is the latest and probably the most popular designer for H&M,this collection will feature clothing and accessories for men and women, it will be available in stores on November 14.
Isabelle was pleased to be chosen to create a new collection for H&M, she expressed her aim to create something special that people can wear on daily basis.
H&M was also pleased to have Isabelle, they are fascinated with how she mixes elements together and design an effortless styles.
Isabelle Marant is an international designer and H&M is famous with its amazing affordable pieces, I'll be definitely looking forward for their collaboration and as usual I'll keep you updated my beloved fashionistas.

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