Saturday, April 21, 2012

Perfect Fashionista

Ever wondered how to be perfect? Don't you wish there was a guide that could tell you how to be the best that you could possibly be? Your wish has been granted. Just a note though, you are perfect just being yourself.
1.For longer and thicker lashes, use lashes curler and 2 coats of mascara.
2.Keep a good posture, lay your shoulders back and your breast and head up.
3.Make sure your hands are clean before applying makeup.
4.Apply eyeshadow before eyeliner or your eyeliner would be covered with eyeshadow.
5.Use heat protecter on your hair before blow drying it, or applying heat on it.
6.Make sure you keep a good hygene, there's nothing worse than a smelly fashionista.
7.Drink alot of water during the day, it helps your face and hair to glow.
8.Coffee, soft drinks, and tea leave stains on teeth, drink it through a straw or drink water afterward and make sure it passes through all your teeth.
9.Dont leave your makeup on, when you go to sleep.Your skin needs to breath.
10.Check list on the go: Clothes perfectly combined, hair done, accessories, perfume and polished nails.
11.Wherever you go keep a tampon in your bag, just for emergencies.
12.Keep a smile on your face, there's nothing prettier than a girl with a smile.
13.Stay patience and think before you speak, you never know who's listening.
14.Remember simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
15.Chew like you have a secret.

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