Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fashionista on a Mission!

Today was an amazin day!Yup I went shopping which is my biggest and favourite hobby like ever!
n whats special about this day is that I went shopping with my favourite people: my mom n my sisters.
We went to one of the biggest malls where I live, n I went stright toward Mango.Dont let me start with mango, the new collection is amazing!the neon colors and all these cute tops that I just couldnt resist.
Afterwars I went to my favourite place Zara, I always find the latest trends at Zara. I saw this cute leopard print and I just put it on, to find out that it fits me perfectly.And last but not least I went to H&M  where I found this adorable bikini!
 I also dont think anyone can go to H&M and dont buy some accessories, but today I got some cute hair accessories.
And you ask how I finished this awesome day?by making it better!
I went with all my family for dinner.Today was an amazing day hope you all enjoy the  rest of your weekend.

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