Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Create a Celebrity Worthy Dress Code

  • 1Look at your wardrobe. See what one item you wear a lot, or seem to wear repeatedly every week, such as Skirts or Flirty Tops. Take this item and assign it for Monday, with cute high-heel shoes. For your hair, think of how you usually wear it, and wear it with Monday's outfit.
    2Next, pick a sporty item, like Jeans or Track/Sweat Pants. Assign that item for Tuesday, with cute sneakers like Converse. (No Nikes or Adidas- make that a rule!) Also, wear ponytails today or your hair down.
    3Think of your favorite color. Make the assignment for Wednesday an item in your favorite color (Purple Tops, Red Belts, etc.). The hairstyle should be down.
    4Have Thursday be the day to wear Neutral Colors like khaki, brown, earthy green and navy. Wear your ponytail half-up today.
    5Wear Jeans and Tanks and colored shoes on Friday. Wear a messy bun or down on Fridays.
    6Choose casual and dressy items for Weekends, like a baggy T-shirt and jeans with an expensive designer bag.
     7Type or write your rules in a cute font/font color and keep it secret from everyone except your two best friends

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