Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Girl Behind Fashionista

Hello everyone!how are you doin?!I'm Aya or as some people call me fashionista :P
I thought of makin a personal blog to let people know more about me since I never post a picture or join a contest on fashionista
I'm 20 years old now and Fashion was n still the biggest part of my life!creating fashionista took me a whole another world of friends oppprtunities and more.
I've started the page as a hobby but I always wanted to make a business of my passion, but I didnt study Fashion.I'm studyin business and commerce because I like it but I also wanted to become closer to dad, but I realized that not anythin would get you closer to your parents but LOVE.
I never and will never give up on fashion and havin a future in fashion!I'm very ambitious but not dreamy,I promise to do my best to get there.
I started Fashionista with amazing support from my family and friends,yet I got bullied!some people were mean and some "friends" just left, because I'm havin a hobby that I wanna make a future of.
But I think Im at an age where I can accept people to leave and knowing that they werent there in the first place.
Fashionista took alot of time and effort for me but it payed me 3 months I got on a magazine in dubai and 1000+ fans.Now we're 4 months and we have reached 3000 fans.I did everything I can to achieve all of these, I got banned n spammed from so many pages because I tried to promote my page.Thats one of the reasons I refuse to accept admins, because its so unfair after all this effort for someone else to take the credit.
I just wanted to say that I'm really happy that I have fashionista and all my fashionista family
every compliment or advice request makes my day,I hope I didnt waste your time with this blog but I really wanted to make some points clear.If you liked this blog please comment below or inform me on fashionista soI would make more, good night fashionistas.


  1. I think its gr8 dat u're doin everything to pursue ur intrest...its quite inspiring actualy.
    N i love fashionista just like many others so just keep on doin d gud work girl(for us:) )... <3

  2. Thank you so much!Hearing this from you made my day.

  3. I love your blog and your facebook site.You always share fashionable pictures and posts.:)You're a really fashionista.:D

  4. Jucus you made my day thank you alot hunii