Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Fashion Week Day 1

Here I am writing to you guys after a wonderful first day of Summer fashion week. First of all I’m sorry if I’m not uploading so many photos but I’m trying to do my best shooting a lot of pictures to put together at the end, to give you a more real vision of the fashion week seen by me

The day started with Nour Ben Abdallah fashion show where I enjoyed the leather, the lace and the flower colors, perfect for summer.
The second fashion show was the one of the Lebanese designers: Hassan Wehbe gave me another confirmation of the talent of Lebanese people.
At 7:30 Amina Al Jassim, where I fell in love with the transparent dresses, long lace dresses!
Just after that I watched Les Amis fashion show, whose pastel colours completely caught me

For the day I wore a black skirt with velvet print on, matched to the black high heels sandals and to my orange tank top.

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