Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Fashion Week by L.I.P.S Day 3

Hello Fashionistas! No you didn't miss a post, unfortunately I couldn't attend the second day of the Fashion Week because I had finals, as as senior student studying must come first what a bummer ha?! Right now I'm listening to some old songs dancing on the chair like a crazy, you know why?! I'M HAPPY!! Fashion week was such a blast!

The first fashion show of the day was Martha Fadel. The models all looked like dolls, the dresses were in pastel colors, I really appreciated the dresses and skirts.

The second fashion show was Zeki, that I really enjoyed. The shapes were enriched by the work done on the patterns which created wonderful 3d effects. The pieces I loved the most were the leopard ones:)

at 9.30 I attended my first Marie France fashion show, one of my favorite brands. The pieces of the new collection were full of colors and shapes. I would wear absolutely everything of what I saw on the catwalk :)

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