Friday, May 24, 2013

My Wight, Height and Diet.

Hola fashionistas sup?! I though like doin a lil bit of chit chat with you.. So how's everyone doing tonight?! It's Friday I had a business meeting n went home to find out that mom made one of my favorite meals ever therefore I think I pushed my diet a lil so I power walked for 40 min and 25 abs.
Yea I'm trying to do a diet just to be healthy and more energetic. I weight 54 kg n my height is 160 everyone tells me that I dont need a diet I'm not anorexic don't get me wrong but I want a flat tummy n  no cellulite anywhere so I guess it's all good.
I know people whine about diets but I'm actually enjoying eating balanced healthy food and doing sport, I just eat lil portions, nothing fried n I quit soda n coffee they're both bad! But I still have iced tea every now and then. With healthy food everything about you changes such as your skin, hair, body even you change. You become energetic and happier than usual.Ialso downloaded a new app on my phone ts called My Diet Coach its for free and I just love it! It reminds me of drinking water, my goal and stuff like that.
Don't make a big deal of your diet n try to be happy being healthy and somehow unique your goal body is deffinetly worth it!

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