Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld the Master of Creativity!

Karl Lagerfeld the master of creativity! Transforming non stop with his labels everywhere.. He is currently the director of Chanel, Fendi and his own label. Karl Lagerfeld has worked with so many high end labels in his previous life such as Chloe, Yves Saint Lauren and created a range for H&M.Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg in 1938 and moved to Paris at the age of 14.
Lagerfeld is famous for having lost a lot of weight and bringing out a diet book, The Karl Lagerfeld Diet. He lost 40 kg on a diet which included eating tuna and blackberry mousse. He said "I think that fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight." He also revealed that dieting isn't any fun: "You have to be a real bore like me for it to work."
Karl has achieved huge success all his life long, and he presents a great inspiration for people of different age and interests, his strong ability to achieve the impossible with his creativity and insisting on being the best he can.

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