Friday, April 26, 2013

Working Out Inspiration

I can't believe it's gonna be summer within few days! Almost everyone is planning on starting to work out or join the gym and stuff..but I don't think we should practice for summer only but also practice to stay healthy stay in shape.Don't worry about what your scale says, sometimes your muscles would weight more than fats, sometimes you drank too much water therefore the scale wouldn't tell you how much you really weight.Also eat healthy, eat proteins, vitamins, everything that's good for your health and your skin as well. Drink lots of water, when you drink a lot of water it shows! Also there's green tea, it's amazing for your body, and your diet. I appreciate that you're going for it Thumbs Up! But please do it well. Don't only focus on exercising without giving attention to your body and vice versa. You can stay motivated and never give up by just imagining the result, how amazing your body is going to look like, I think this is the best motivator.

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