Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Braids

Hello everyone and welcome back to fashionista's blog, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now lets get  to the main topic, I'm so excited to announce the new hair style of spring 2013 trend...Braided hair!
It's actually not that new but I just love braids and the chic and class it adds to your total look. Braids are so convenient for spring with temperature rising, and its nice to have your hair is tight and perfect looking which makes braids excellent.
Where to wear braids to?!
EVERYWHERE!! We have seen celebrities, models and even bloggers going everywhere with their hair braided-One of the biggest fans of braided hair is Kim Kardashian- So don't hesitate wear it everywhere, to school, date, red carpet even on the runway! Braids are so feminine and elegant, so braid your hair and rock your look!

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