Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashionista's Style Guide

Many of us Fashionista Dolls from time to time get a bit confused on what to wear according to the occasion. Well now we got it under control so you don't have to worry anymore ;)
But just a reminder clothes look way better on you when you wear them with a smile on your face, focus on your posture lay your shoulders back and chin up, one last thing wear what fits your body, highlight your perfections and choose clothes that flirts your best body parts.
Let's get started fashionistas
1- fantasy: an everyday outing outfit that is comfortable yet classy and fashionable.
2- pup school: wear your uniform in the best way possible, accessories it with a belt, cute flats and a fashionable handbag.
3- College Student: get in style, wear what's trendy but never over do it, a high end jeans, a unique kind of shirt and a big stylish bag is all you need.
4- Home: must be comfortable but you can never know when a friend may drops by, quit the pj and wear something casual yet presentable, trousers, basic shirt and an oversize cardigan.
5- Summer Camp: jeans shorts, blouse, boots and a pony tail, very simple very stylish.
6- Travel Style: although it can be really tiring and long fashionista manages to look her best at all times, leggings with a 3/4 blouse and a cute flats. Accessories it with a funky scarf and shades.
7- Make your own: Art Style, wanna look like an artist? Heres a quick way to own it. An over size white blouse, grey 3/4 jeans and break it with a colorful heels.don't forget the stylish pony tail.
8- New Mom: let's get you new mommies a classy modern look, how about a V neck basic shirt with a maxi skirt and a designer handbag. Of course if you're a new mommy you need to keep your hair outta your face therefore a fashionable messy bun is perfect.
9- Bride: the most important time of your life so you must look Fashionable. It's all white right? Not anymore break the white with a colored heels and flowers, in this way you'll be fashionable and special.

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