Friday, March 15, 2013


With Fashionista I grew up a lot and got a lot of amazing opportunities that I never ever thought I'd live but this opportunity is the best I can ever wish for, it's so amazing I couldn't dream of it. This time and for the fist time I'm collaborating with Artisan Festival International, who asked me to be a part of their team celebrating their 5th Annual A.F.I. World Peace Initiative event in Cannes. Wow!! Right?!

They are hosting their 5th annual Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative- Cannes event in May. Their Artisan Festival International {A.F.I. World Peace Initiative} Cannes, will be held during the Cannes Film Festival May 17-22 2013. They are seeking fashion designers-clothing lines and/or accessories, fine art exhibits and affluent brand names, which may have an interest in showcasing their fashion lines in a high-profile setting, and/or in sponsorship of our A.F.I. World Peace Initiative events. For more information, and if you may have an interest in participation at our World Peace Initiative Cannes event, please contact Joseph via e-mail or private message.

Therefore if you're a designer and want a chance to shine here's your once in a life time opportunity so use it wisely.I believe it's a great investment because once your designs are out at Cannes Festival or with A.F.I you're instantly IN in the international Fashion world.

Best of luck to all my Fashionistas designers out there!

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