Friday, November 16, 2012

My secret weapons to become a successful page

Where should I start, fashionistas what I'm about to say is not something you haven't heard before, in this blog I will talk to you about what helps fashionista being successful.if you ever noticed Fashionista is always with you and it's not like I don't have a life and I'm always stuck in a dark room and a computer haha no! What I'm about to show you are my secret weapons and keys to stay in contact with my fashionista family, first I'm a blogger I love to blog I love to talk to people about new things and show them new stuff so I deffinetly need my camera which is Samsung double display camera where you can also shoot yourself and see if it's right before you capture it.second my phone that I'm crazy attached to, it was a gift like a year and a half ago so it old but I don't like any other, it has my whole life on it, it's a blackberry torch, the blackberry service keeps me updated and contacted to fashionista 24/7 so even if I had a 5 minutes break I can log in to fashionista and update it. And lastly my beloved new iPad it's not so new and you dolls all know it well and I'm sure you have seen it several times, to be honest I wasn't a Mac fan until I bought the iPad 3 which is so helpful in everything that relates to fashionista you can see how the albums and pictures' numbers increased since I got my iPad. Believe me if you admin any page you will need it. Thats about it, thanks a lot for being a Fashionista. Spread the love.

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