Saturday, November 2, 2013

FAB FIVE Time Saving Tips to Dressing in the Morning

Hey guys, long time no see! I'm sorry for the long absence I had midterms and as a senior, college should be my priority - trying to set a good example here! - Anyway I'm very glad that it's over now and actually I received all my grades today and yay I did great.

What am I talking about it's a fashion fun blog and I'm boring you with my studying stories yuk right?!!
Actually I have a fun news I'm going to start this little thing called the Fab 5. Every week I'm going to post the 5 most fabulous of every trend, event or celebrity so let's get started shall we?!

It's fall it's either work season or school/college season, but for those who like to stay up late like me... well we don't always wake up super early to dress to impress, but lately I found the perfect solution!!

  1. Style Around One Piece: either a leather skirt, or a new piece you just purchased that way you'd have something to start with instead of starring at your closet feeling like a lost puppy.
  2. Prepare in Advance: Prepare your outfit in the night before, or as some people do, they prepare their outfits on the weekend for the week ahead! That's brilliant, it's time saving therefore you'll always look chic and on time.
  3. Get a Steamer: It makes things magically ironed instantly, no morning drama if you know what I mean..
  4. Style Around Basics: Let me know if you'd like me to do a whole blog about it, but let me sum it up for you, get some jeans, get some tank top on, a blazer and spice it up with a necklace and heels or a trench coat, really easy to start boring then glam up your outfit.
  5. Document Good Outfits: If you wore really nice outfit but you didn't see an important person save it for later, take a picture of it, document it, blog it, post it on instagram...

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