Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fab Five: Closet Makeover Tips

So Today I'm going to talk about several tips that gets your closet clean and sparkling. I want you to love your closet more, I want you to walk in your closet and love it, even if you don't have a walk in closet, if you have a wardrobe, I want you to love it and be inspired with it. Let's get started:

First Step: Clear your closet. Clear everything that is unnecessary, take all your clothes that you haven't wear in a year -it is more likely if you didn't wear it through the whole season that you wont wear it at all- Donate it to a better home, to someone in need or sell it on eBay.

Second Step: Store your summer pieces that you probably wont be able to wear during Winter season, that would clear your closet and give you more space.

Third Step:  Organize your jewelry. I cant stress enough of how amazing this is gonna feel. You can be very decorative with storing your jewelry you can hang it up on your closet or decorate it on your vanity, or put it on a shelf, make sure you have your jewelry decor place.

Fourth Step: Get matching hangers. I know this may sound silly, and make sure all your hangers face the same direction -No it is not an OCD problem- when you walk in your closet and see the identical hangers, all facing the same direction, even if your closet is a mess nobody will be able to tell.

Fifth Step: Color Coordinate. Even if you don't have a lot of colors, you can always split your closet into darks and lights, and to me I absolutely love this idea. You can also split your tops into short sleeves and long sleeves, or by white florals and dark, or stripes, lights, and darks.

Those closet makeover tips make it a lot easier to get dressed, it's a lot nicer to look at. Definitely do it!

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