Saturday, January 26, 2013

Questions and Answers

hello fashionistas how are you doing tonight?! I posted this picture on the facebook and I kept getting comments of the numbers to answer it so I decided to make a blog and answer them all so here we go:
1. Something I really regret: how can you regret something you learned from it, every mistake is a lesson learned and makes us a better person
2. Celebrity Crush: umm lets see channing Tatum!
3. Do I have a boyfriend: Yes
4. Favorite food: Mom's food
5. Sweetest thing someone said to me: that I'm pretty haha
6. Tell about someone I love: I'm super close to my Family they are my bestfriends and I love them so much and I have alot of fun with them
7. What I did today: I met my best friend that I haven't seen in so long, then accidentally met my new friend/fashionista model, and finally went for a dinner.
8. Something I really wanna have: a car
9. Favorite drink: I'm obsessed with water but if I had to choose, strawberry colata by Dunkin, caramel frappuccino by Starbucks
10. 3 people I miss: my grandmother may her soal rest in peace, dad, and my uncle.
11. My favorite book: not a big reader, but I like reading motivational books, also I'm looking for Miranda Kerr's new book and looking for alaska.
12. How I want to be married: the wedding isnt the big deal to me as long as my loved ones are there, but I want a very romantic surprising proposal.
13. The thing I'm most insecure about: not really a big deal, but I think my arms are a little too thin.
14. What I would do if I Could go back in time: I wouldn't take my bestfriends for granted.
15. The happiest moment in my life: alot! but when I was called and asked to be interviewed at the Dubai magazine
16. What would I buy if I had million dollars: A magazine for Fashionista.
17. The last time I cried and why: there was an explosion next to where my friend works, and I didn't know if my friend is dead or alive.
18. What I hate most about people: I don't "hate" I just dislike how some people are not honest
19. How I'm feeling right now: extremely happy and excited, I passed all my finals with great marks, I'm going out and enjoying my time alot with my friends and family.
20.Post a photo of myself: Look in the mirror, I'm Fashionista I'm YOU!

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