Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Year a New Begining

Hello Fashionistas! Happy New Year to all of you, 2013 can you believe it?! Wow it feels so weird! I'm sorry It's kinda late but I was overwhelmed with all the amazing events that happened through 2012, new experiences, new people met, some opportunities lost..but we make mistakes and learn from it. But all in all it was one great year.
First happy new year to all I wish you a successful year full of love and achievements. My 2012 was the happiest year of my life you can see all the achievements I made through the year , I achieved more than what my resolutions consisted of! Lol I saw the cutest resolution of all which was: reach 2000 fashionistas! I achieved 23000+ fashionistas by 2013 which is 11000 excess of what I wished for, crazy ha! I don't wanna sound lame but honestly without your support and love I couldn't live all these amazing experiences your likes comments and messages pushes me forward and keep me going.
It's a new year, new decisions to make , maybe you can show a new version of yourself be more loving have more compassion with your beloved ones, for me I wanna be a better person, daughter, sister, student, and a better fashionista. Quit smoking, drink less, study/work harder. Be honest be respectful, LOVE yourself, BELIEVE in yourself! Push away all the negative energy negative people, stay positive awake in the moment. Go crazy why not?! Do the things you always wished to do but never dared to.
Life is too short, you only live it once, so live it good and leave a wonderful legacy behind you. Happy New Year Fashionistas!

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