Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Beautiful Beirut part 3

Where do I get started?!I can't believe Summer is almost over!It was one of the most successful full of achievements summer,I know you're thinking that summer is about relaxing and having fun, but this time I had fun Fashionista way.At the beginning of Summer Future TV executive producer called me and asked me to present a fashion segment on TV,although it didn't work it was one amazing experience!The set the staff, makeup huge closet what a pleasant experience I'll never forget!later during the summer one of my favorite Lebanese bags designers Karen the designer of Designs by Kay asked me to promote her bags on Fashionista and how would I ever say no?! And to add more on the Summer Fashionista achievements I still have one surprise for you coming soon!!! I can't end this blog without talking about my personal achievements, I took a summer course at my university and I got straight A my GPA is now almost perfect!I'm so happy about it :D
This Blog maybe the longest but it's my favorite place ever in Beirut!I was luckily born in a very Fashionable city called Beirut( which is also called the middle east Paris :D) almost everyone in Beirut is fashionable, all the high brands are in Beirut and also the fashion shows happens here!Beirut is one beautiful Fashionable city I hope you like it like I do!all the pictures are taken at Down Town Beirut.

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