Friday, September 14, 2012

A Visit to My Favourite Upcoming Designer: CHIC ET FOU

Before the end of summer a lot of friends suggested me to visit the store Chic et Fou at Verdun, describing it with words like “unique” and “super artistic”. When I wrote on the blog and fan page that I I’m in Beirut, the store itself asked me to visit it: I was breathless.Upcoming modern Designers and the pieces are most of the time unique pieces, some are “CHIC” and other “fou”. They have the best jewellery collection ever: maxi-necklaces and bracelets are incredible.. What did I chose as my personal obsession almost everything! Which is your favourite item?

For more about Chic et Fou visit:


  1. Great post dear :) Those clothes are awesome, I realy love it. Must be beautiful store :)

  2. it is, thank you so much Veronica!